Solar Power Plant

Feasibility study and preparation of a justification plan for the construction of Solar Gostar Alborz Energy, a renewable energy plant, is as follows:

Part One: Zero Phase Studies

Preparation of a preliminary justification for the construction of a solar power plant and wind power plant

Solar Gostar Alborz Co. is working on the construction of solar power plant and wind power plant in the first phase for the respected investor:

Surveying different regions of the country according to wind and solar atlas to determine the best places to run solar power plant and wind power plant
Calculate and estimate the amount of electrical energy produced by a 1 MW plant for the weather conditions of each selected site separately
Overview of other factors influencing the final location of solar power plant and wind power plant including environmental issues and network distribution and transmission network conditions in the region including existing networks and networks under construction, power distribution company related company, social conditions, review The effect of location selection on the potential of the development of power plant customers and the potential for future power plant development
Basic Design by solar power plant and 1 MW wind power plant including all the features and specifications of the main components of the power plant, the initial design of the electrical connection of the equipment, the mechanical structure and the estimation of the volume of operation of the civic for both options and other related matters to complete LOM and determine the initial schedule of the project
Preparing LOM based on Basic Design by each power plant
Estimated cost of construction and operation of solar and wind power plants in a period of 5 years and during the useful life of the power plant
Calculate the economic justification for each of the wind and solar options according to the results of the steps above
This section of studies is considered as a pre-feasibility study for a renewable power plant (solar or wind power plant), and in the second phase, the requirements requested by Sana to complete the feasibility study as a prerequisite for signing the initial agreement for the construction of a power plant and obtaining a permit. The construction of a solar power plant or wind power plant should also be added to include the following.

Initial agreement on the construction of a renewable power plant

With the approval of the deputy minister for electricity and energy, applicants for a license for construction of power plant renewable (such as power plants, wind, solar power plant, Small hydropower, biomass, etc.) can facilitate the preparation of documents required for obtaining a license , "Initial Agreement on the Construction of Renewable Electric Power Plants", after reviewing the competence of the Committee on the Assessment of the Capability of Non-Governmental Applicants, as well as the identification of the site and the issuance of permits for feasibility studies, will be obtained from the Electricity Industry Development Bureau.

* The term of validity of this Agreement is one year from the date of issue and upon request of the applicant and if approved by Tavanir, it can be extended for a maximum period of six months.

*The paperwork and documentation required to authorize feasibility studies is as follows:

Designer Application Introduction (Worksheet A)
Worksheet Introducing Site and General Specifications (Worksheet B)
Applicant's Certificate of Work (Worksheet C)

The criteria and requirements for writing a feasibility study report should be considered.
License for the construction of a renewable power plant (solar power plant with wind power plant)