Solar PV Module Structures

One of the most important components of solar power plants is the cost-effectiveness, beauty, strength and speed of installation, especially in large-sized projects, supporting the solar panels.

The selection and implementation of beautiful, solid, yet affordable instruments for the installation and operation of solar power plants is one of the most important stages in the design and implementation of EPC solar energy projects.

Solar Gostar Alborz, a Solar Gostar Alborz company, has taken an important step in the production of ultra-light, robust and inexpensive structures specially for industrial and domestic power generation of solar energy.

All structures are designed by SOLTAWORKS, ETAB software, and a complete set of stress tests carried out under the influence of weight and humidity, snow load, wind load, earthquake load and speed of 120 to 150 km / h. The properties of this Participation in many government projects, including the solar power plants of distribution companies in various provinces, government agencies and private projects implemented and installed.

Solar Gostar Alborz Solar Panel Solar Panel Features

Possibility to build a structure in models with the ability to install a kilowatt or more on a structure for ease of installation

Produced by high precision all-automatic machines

Ability to design and produce any custom structures in different shapes

Mass production in very high circulation and in very short time

All galvanized structures with a thickness of more than 75 microns and corrosion resistant

Delivery and loading in the right packaging

Very low cost, light and affordable

Structures are designed to be used for large solar power plants and comply with all the standards required in government tenders and contracts.

The largest manufacturer of all types of ultra-lightweight bolts and nuts supporting solar equipment using all CNC production lines in high circulation and in the shortest possible time in Iran.

Solar panel installation structure

Structural characteristics
Light structure.
It has ISO-9001: 2008 and HSE-MS standards
Beautiful and shiny.
Structural material is steel. 0037 (ST 37).
To prevent the oxidation phenomenon and similar damage to the members of the hot galonized coating structure (by coating the base metal with zinc metal).
The joints of the structural members are of the type of leaf and beads (with a thick galvanized coating of 80 microns) and there is no weld connection.
Easy to open and easy to navigate.
Length, width and height of the structure are as follows: (cm 250 x 140 x 215)
At the same time, the distance from the Earth's floor is about 45 cm.
Tough and durable. What calculations do you have?
The wind speed is 120 Km / h. The weight of each panel (19 kg).