Solar Lightings

Maintaining the beauty of the appearance and enjoying the finest quality equipment and brands is one of the main components in launching solar lighting systems by Solar Gostar Alborz. Solar Gostar Alborz, with the design of the best combination of lighting systems in order to reduce the cost of the project for the customer and comply with international standards, has achieved a good position in the market for solar lighting systems throughout the country. Solar Gostar Alborz Solar Lighting Services, Without the need for electricity in the city, there is little maintenance, which makes using Solar Gostar Alborz Solar Lighting Systems the best option for choosing where power is impossible or uneconomical.

Application of Solar Gostar Alborz solar lighting systems:
1- Bright roads, streets and highways
2. Opening area lighting
3. Lighting of urban squares
4. Lighting of the parking lot
5- Lighting the bus stations
6. Lighting on sidewalks
7. Lighting of service centers
8. Lighting of parks and playgrounds
9. Lighting the beaches of the seas
Features of Solar Gostar Solar Solar Lighting Systems:
1. No need for electricity and construction or expansion of power lines
2. Zeroing the cost of consumed electricity
3. Easy and quick installation
4. No need for maintenance of equipment
5. Fully automatic operation
6. High reliability
7- Long life


Solar Gostar Alborz offers the best and most cost-effective bid for solar lighting by choosing the best product based on weather conditions and taking into account customer's needs.